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Loan Officer Directory
Our friendly staff is here to help you with all your mortgage needs. We will use our expertise to find the right program for you.
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Aaron Vierthaler
Alexander Bokich
Anna Zimmerman
Armind Dias
Email:   armind@inlandbank.com
Website: http://armind.inlandhomemortgage.com
NMLS #: 441850
Benjamin Kreifels
Bill Holmes
Blake Rejman
Brad Salerno
Charles Vietzen
Cissi Leinonen
Coby Hakalir
David Dyer
Email:   ddyer@inlandbank.com
Website: http://ddyer.inlandhomemortgage.com
NMLS #: 231981
Deborah Pages
Edward Mohan
Elva Leza
Eric Schmidt
Eric Pomeroy
Frank Binetti
Gil Kerkbashian
Giuseppe Morfea
Hope McDonnell
Jacqueline Blakely
John Habeeb
Joseph Calzaretta
Katina O'Connor
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